Let the Pain Remain Lyrics - Basil Valdez

Let the Pain Remain Lyrics - Basil Valdez

Love comes, love goes,
But a sudden feeling never lets me be
Somehow I know
Quite a part of me isn't changed
Since you've been gone

Like a sturdy tree
That's seen a thousand seasons,
I've to shed my leaves in winter,
To grow them back in spring,
To welcome life again,
To welcome you

So goes my life,
Still believe in dreams of having you around
Too bad mem'ries
Feed the mind and not the heart
Where I want you to be

So I ask myself what you have left behind for me
To go on each day to live
As if I have you once again,
What else is there that's real
But all the pain that I feel

So let the pain remain forever in my heart
For every throb it brings
Is one more moment spent with you
I let the pain, bring on the rain
If that's the only way,
If there's no other way
To be with you again